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Getting Started ...

 Getting Started At Clocking In At Home...

Thank you for your interest in helping foster and heal California's medically fragile infants, children, and youths. As nurses, we work under Medi-Cal's EPSDT Private Duty Nursing program. It requires nurses to have one year of acute care hospital nursing experience. For pediatric in-home-care nurses, 2000 hours, or equivalent nursing experience is required. If you have the required nursing experience and meet EPSDT's requirements, this is truly an opportunity to make a profound impact on the life of a child. 

  *** NURSES, Please make sure you have 5+ months of living expenses. Do not quit your job until you are finished with the program, your home inspections, and ready to accept a medically fragile foster care child within your home. (Many nurses will continue to work part-time or Per-diem shifts. Working fulfill-time with a medically fragile child at home is never recommended).


Through The Hearts & Hands of Nurses Miracles ​Occur!​

Being a Nurse-Foster Provider will be the most rewarding endeavors of your Nursing Career...


When caring for the medically fragile foster care population, the brunt of your nursing wage will come from billing the EPSDT Private Duty Nursing Section of Medi-Cal or California Children Service. As an Independent Nurse Provider for your in-home skilled nursing hours. Nurse-Resource Providers will also receive compensation from the Department of Family and Children Service (DCFS).

The certification process for becoming a Foster Parent varies from county to county and foster agency to foster agency but can efficiently be completed while maintaining your current employment. The approval process for becoming an Independent Nurse Provider (INP) can take several weeks to several months to complete. Because you are dealing with two state agencies, please don't get too discouraged with the bureaucratic quagmires of the agencies. 

Please, for the sake of these little Angels, call numerous times and follow through with supervisors. If you do not get answers, returned calls, or the dates and times for foster parent courses and or EPSDT information, be persistent... Your Patience will be rewarded in the end!

Moreover, feel free to contact AIW, and we will try to help facilitate your efforts in becoming a Nurse-Foster Provider. AIW will hold your hand through this convoluted process, so please, contact us if you have any questions, and please contact us before getting your first medically fragile foster care infant or child. Medi-Cal & CCS may not pay nursing hours in some instances (Refer to Title 22 or INP Help in the navigation bar on this website). Once you are on board with all requirements and have received your "INP Welcome Letter" and Certified as a Foster Parent, please contact AIW, and we will add you to our " Closed Facebook Group of Independent Nurse-Foster Providers" (I-NFP). Furthermore, we will be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns. Contact

Becoming A Foster Parent

A faster option for becoming a Nurse-Resource (Foster) Provider is to get your family and home certified by a Foster Family Agency (FFA) which is contracting for the medically fragile foster care population. Angels In Waiting is working with Olive Crest FFA

 Olive Crest FFA has an online form to get started becoming a resource parent with them Click Here.


County or Other FFA Agencies:

Once you have become an INP and a certified or licensed resource nurse-provider, the next step is to contact your local Department of Children and Family Services or a Foster Family Agency (FFA) which contracts for medically fragile foster care children. You and your significant other will need to go through the requirements of becoming foster parents for "Medically Fragile Infants and Children." 

It can take up to 12-18+ months to become licensed as a foster parent through the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Find out your county's waiting period for licensing foster/ resource parents prior to making your decision. The positive aspect of being a "County Licensed Resource Parent" is you get the first pick of the medically fragile foster care population, and you are able to get foster children from other counties.  

County Agencies Contact Numbers:

Kern Co Foster Care Orientation Coordinator, 661- 631-6204


Orange Co. 714-704-8000

Foster Care: 888-871-5437

Riverside Co. 951-358-3645

Foster Care: 800-665-5437

San Bernardino Co. 909-891-3300

San Diego Co. 858 694-5451

Santa Barbara Co. 805 568-3327

Ventura Co.  805 654-3220

Independent Nurse Provider Application For 

EPSDT Private Duty Nurse

Start Here:

Contact 916-552-9105, option 5, then option 2. 

 Download This EPSD Packet (Click Here)

 Sent The Pack To:

You Applying As A: Individual Nurse Provider (INP)

Application Requirements Info...

Legal Name

NPI#, (Link to apply for a NPI:

Contact Name and Number

DCA License Printout

Insurance Policy Number and Effective Date

State Issued ID#




Please complete all forms and mail to the address listed below:

Department of Health Care Services

Integrated Systems of Care Division

Provider Enrollment Unit

1501 Capitol Avenue, MS 4502

P.O. Box 997437

Sacramento, CA 95899-7437


If you have questions regarding the application requirements,

call 916-552-9105, option 5, then option 2.

Email inquiries can be sent to

* Do Not Pay The Fee or have your packet Notarized!

* You're not a business, so fill out the form as a Sole Proprietor.


Provider Enrollment to check the status of your provider application. You can call 

1-800-786-4346 to check your application process as well. The approval process for becoming an Independent Nurse Provider (INP) can take several weeks to several months to complete.


Angels In Waiting

Through The Hearts & Hands of  Nurses Miracles ​Occur!​

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