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INP's if you need help with any issue, request "Your Area Representative" 

Call Medi-Cal #: 800 541-5555 and get a personal representative assigned to you. They will help you with billing, address any billing issues you have regarding our program.


*** Only Bill Nursing Hours: If You Are Physically Present & Your Hands Are Providing The Nursing Care

- No exceptions, it's considered fraud and you'll jeopardize your nursing license.  

Requesting more hours may jeopardize your nursing license! INP's need to show adequate sleep! 16 hours usually requires TPN / Central lines, Ventilator Dependent, Dialysis... but with these conditions no guarantee of getting 16 hours, it is based on the medical necessity, the quality of your POT, and your nursing notes showing the skilled nursing hours required/needed. Then the final say is Medi-Cal/CCS and then an appeal.

* INP's: Get acquainted with your regional representative and your small billing unit person ASAP!

New Codes:

RN: S9123 AND modifier EP

LVN: S9124 AND modifier EP

RN Case Management: G0162 each 15 minutes modifier EP

TAR Numbers: Place a "0" at the END of your TAR for billing.

 Code Information and FAQ

Questions about coverage of PDN services under EPSDT can be directed to the DHCS Systems of Care Division, EPSDT Unit by phone at 1-855-347-9227 or by email at


Regional Representatives:

The 22 Regional Representatives live and work in cities throughout California and are ready to visit providers at their homes to assist with billing needs or provide training to INP's at no cost. To schedule a Regional Representative on-site visit please call the Telephone Service Center (TSC) at 1-800-541-5555

INP's Use your Small Provider Billing Unit Person:

* * You have their help for billing & e-Tar, etc. For a one-year period of time USE THEM! For more information, call (916) 636-1275 or 1-800-541-5555, ext. 1275. Representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.

EPSDT Sacramento Office: 916 552-9105

E-TAR Help: To check status on a claim: 800 786-4346

Moving & Change of Address? Call your Regional Representative to ask for the proper forms. 

Kathy Tello (916) 317-7960 EPSDT TARs

Kathy is our go-to for TARs for EPSDT (not CCS). Not for various questions - just the TARs. She said if we do not hear news about our TARs after 2-3 days, call her with the TAR number. She will make sure it has gone in the correct queue. 

Tuesdays-Fridays, 0630-1500.1099 

Forms & Other Info:

Department of Health Care Services Provider Enrollment Division

MS 4704

(916) 323-1945

P.O. Box 997413

Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

Juvenile Law Attorneys

Mark Hirabayashi

5410 East Beverly Boulevard,

Los Angeles, California 90022



P: 323.722.7559

F: 323.724.8279


Felice A Webster

323 664-5600

1920 Hillhurst Ave. #402

Los Angeles, Ca 90027

Portability Application Form

INP's Do You Wanting To Go From A Foster Family Agency To The County?  Fill Out A Portability Application Form. 

*Call The County First To Make Sure They Are Accepting These Forms.

Join Our Private Facebook Page

INP's Join Our Private Facebook Page:

Please go to "Your Facebook Home Page" and search for AIW Nurses & Angels Page, Answer the two questions.  Our Closed Facebook Group of INP Is Important For Information, Program Changes, and Foster Care Placements Requests. Here is the FB Link:

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