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Through The Hearts And Hands Of Nurses Miracles Occur...

 Angels in Waiting, (AIW)  is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity, created by nurses who are addressing the needs of America's growing population of medically fragile foster care infants and children.

Every year, tens of thousands of infants and children are abandoned by or taken away from drug addicted mothers. Many are born premature, end up as wards of the state in neo-natal intensive care units, and eventually, the foster care system. They are hard to place and often end up warehoused in group homes or institutions and forgotten. The “lucky” ones get placed in foster homes with caretakers who are ill-equipped to deal with a child with extreme medical needs. Approximately 10% of them perish from a combination of medical problems that don’t receive the necessary attention and a lack of love and connection to other human beings resulting in a condition known as “failure to thrive,” which makes them give up the will to live.

Angels in Waiting was founded in 2005, by National Nurse of the Year nominee, Linda West-Conforti to address this dire need. After being alarmed by the number of meth addicted babies coming through local maternity wards. She started the non-profit to match nurses as foster parents with medically fragile infants, children and youths. Linda and her family fostered, then adopted two of these infants. The program has been an unqualified success, with 85% of the infants ending up as adopted, permanent members of the nurses’ families.

AIW’s Mission Statement:

Angels In Waiting, reaches-out to nurses and our communities to bring awareness and support to the growing number of medically fragile foster care infants and children entering into the foster care system, because of illicit drug use during pregnancy and motherhood. AIW also brings attention to California’s New State Law /AB1133.  This law was authored by AIW and we also introduced to our State Capital AIW's innovative "Nurse-Foster Provider" program. This California State law gives "Priority Consideration" to qualified nurses to bring these little angels, across the thresholds of their front doors and into their skilled hands and nurturing homes. AIW is deeply devoted in helping medically fragile foster care infants, children and youths find quality foster homes with skilled dedicated nurses.  We are equally as devoted in positively changing State and Federal laws that will benefit Nurse-Foster Provider's and the medically fragile foster care infants, children and youths they care for.   Check out AIW's; AB 1133-Mitchell California's State Law Chapter # 490.

AIW will continue to create and carry forward, innovative and cost effective State and Federal Laws to help our nurses and foster care population thrive. 

 Never underestimate the power of a nurse, because miracles do occur through the hearts and hands of nurses.

We can create a world where foster children who endure life threatening illnesses are celebrated for their victory, honored for their battle wounds, cherished for showing the rest of us how to face extreme adversity, and welcomed into the adult work force.  A world where people can grow old with dignity, still viewed as beautiful and valuable because they have LIVED and gained great wisdom to share with us all.


Currently, AIW's authored Assembly Bill 1133, is soaring onto the federal level. AIW's founder, Linda West-Conforti RN, in 2005 resurrected a dormant federally funded program that was created by Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1965, over 50 years ago!  Linda proudly picked up LBJ's program and carried his program into California's State Capital. AIW's bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support and has been sought after by numerous States. This February, a children advocacy group approached, AIW to take AB1133 onto the federal level. 

What We Do For Our Nurse Comrades: 

We have seen first hand, over and over again, the miracles that occur through the hearts and hands of nurses!  The Nurses at AIW have "Walked the Walk", and we can help our nurses navigate through the process and requirements of becoming a Nurse-Foster Provider in California.   We offer levels of support and tools, to Independent Nurse Providers to help facilitate faster payments for their billable-skilled nursing hours.  AIW also helps facilitate the Nurse-Foster/ Adopt Provider's placement of medically fragile foster care population, by securing recruitment contracts with Departments of Children and Family Services throughout California.  AIW also helps move these "Angels In Waiting" from hospitals, institutions, group homes and if needed; From less-educated and poorly supported foster homes into the private residences and the skilled hands of experienced Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses as their foster or adoptive parents.


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