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For two decades Angels In Waiting have recruited hundreds of nurses-foster parents and saved countless childhoods. As well as creating a California state laws to protect our growing medically fragile foster care population. Numerous miracles have occurred through the hearts and hands of our devoted nurses. The founder son Sammy, a 23 week gestational age preemie-who is now 16 years of age. Has inspired our charity to reach-out and protect our viable 24 week gestational age preemies who are about to be aborted...

A total of 652,639 abortions were reported to CDC for 2014. 1.3% of these aborted babies were 24 weeks gestational age or greater, and most were viable premature infants with the aid of our neonatal intensive care units. With this law and your help, we can help save thousands of little souls. Our charitable foundation consists of Sammy a 23-week surviving neonate, our founder, and neonatal/pediatric intensive care nurse who with your help are about to embark upon a life-saving Journey of safe housing God's unwanted precious little souls.

Our Pro-Viability Legislative Bill...

The Issue

A total of 652,639 abortions were reported to CDC for 2014. 1.3% of these aborted babies were 24 weeks gestational age or greater, and most were viable fetuses with the aid of medical help.

Existing Law

The Supreme Court would not define viability because they said the point of viability varies. The court ruled; viability could only be determined case-by-case and by the woman’s doctor. Currently, the same doctor and PlanParenthood who are getting funds to preform the abortion is determining if the baby is viable.

AIW's Bill

With this law and your help we can possibly save 8,484+ little souls. Our charitable foundation of neonatal and pediatric intensive care nurse providers are about to embark upon a new and life saving project...

Angels In Waiting’s Pro-Viability-Choice A Bill Created By The Founders Adopted Son Sammy: Read His Story

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, is a famous phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence and is the bedrock of our American values. We American’s hold these truths to be sacred and indisputable; that all men are created equal and independent.

We American's derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of viable life. We believe viable premature infants of 24 weeks gestational age and greater, should also have these inherent rights too !  Angels In Waiting wants to amend our Federal and State laws which permit a woman to terminate her late term pregnancy as well as the life of her viable fetus. Our goal is to amend the current laws and implement a program that provides a woman a "choice" not terminate the life of her viable fetus. Our mission is to add a third choice, an option that allows a woman to terminate her pregnancy, but not terminate the life of her viable infant. A "Women’s-Choice" to keep her viable infant alive, but not raise it. Giving these precious soul a fighting chance for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. 


As neonatal intensive care nurses, we have seen first-hand the capability of providing viable 24+ week “wanted” preemies; Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness, and doing so through the hearts and hands of dedicated nurse as well as a team of devoted NICU professionals, We realize this is life saving and controversially bill. Angels In Waiting needs your unwavering support to make this project come to life.  

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