Nurses Clocking In At Home & Saving Medically Fragile Foster Care Infants & Children


Our Independent Nurse Advocates Are CBD Friendly ~

Nurses across America are stepping-up and joining the NFSA Nurse-Advocate Collective to help our fellow American's who are suffering from pain and Opioid Substance Disorders.  Across America, people every day are becoming more and more disenfranchised from Western medicine; from our national growing opioid crisis, to the side affects of debilitating pharmaceuticals; and the soaring cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. People suffering from serious health challenges and life-threatening disease conditions are becoming more pro-active in seeking promising alternatives and many are exploring CBD, Kratom and other promising botanicals... "Nature's Medicine" as one of the most safe and viable options to address pain, opioid addiction, as well as many debilitating health conditions.