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We Need More Dedicated Nurses to Help Our Little Angels In Waiting...

Your Donation Goes Directly Towards Our Cause of Nurse RecruitmentAngels In Waiting Is Run Solely By Volunteers!  We Seek Private Donors To Support AIW's Operational Cost to recruit the nurses needed to meet our growing medically fragile foster care population. 
Sadly, America's Medically Fragile Foster Care Population Is At An All Time Record High! 
We Need To Recruit Dedicated Nurses, To Meet This Growing Demand! 
We Need Donations For Marketing For More Dedicated Nurses! 

Every year, tens of thousands of infants are abandoned by or taken away from drug addicted mothers. Many are born premature, end up as wards of the state in neo-natal intensive care units, and eventually, the foster care system. They are hard to place and often end up warehoused in group homes or institutions and forgotten. The “lucky” ones get placed in foster homes with caretakers who are ill-equipped to deal with a child with extreme medical needs. Approximately 15% of them perish from a combination of medical problems that don’t receive the necessary attention and a lack of love and connection to other human beings resulting in a condition known as “failure to thrive,” which makes them give up the will to live.

Angels in Waiting was founded by National Nurse of the Year nominee, Linda West-Conforti to address this dire need. After being alarmed by the number of meth addicted babies coming through her local maternity ward. She fostered, then adopted two of those infants, and started the non-profit to match nurses as foster parents with medically fragile infants. The program has been an unqualified success, with 85% of the infants ending up as adopted, permanent members of the nurses’ families.

In 2013, Angels in Waiting was able to get a bill passed (Assembly Bill 1133) that would require that, when determining the placement of a foster child who is medically fragile, “Priority Consideration” will be given to placement with a foster parent who is an independent nurse provider. They are helping the UC system to implement nurse-foster provider Programs into their curriculum to help the growing medically fragile foster care population. They are also working at a federal level to change legislation to address this issue.

AIW. does an incredible amount on a shoestring budget, but they could do so much more with additional funding. There are so many fragile infants in need of competent, loving care, and so many nurses who are not even aware that "Clocking In At Home," with up to two medically fragile foster care infants and/or children is an even an option!  More funding would result in greater outreach, which would fundamentally change, and in some cases SAVE countless childhoods and do so,  through the hearts and hands of  dedicated nurses. 

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