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SAMMY THE COMFORT PENGUIN is here! The first penguin with a real heart and angel wings has arrived from the North Pole to comfort children in need.

Get one for a child you love and we’ll also provide a SAMMY to a child in crisis. It’s so simple … and provides a tax-deductible donation when you choose to “adopt a SAMMY the Comfort Penguin.” 

Angels In Waiting created a therapeutic stuff toy to help medically fragile foster care toddlers and children in crisis cope with numerous painful medically procedures and frequent placed into numerous foster homes. When the tragic Sandy Hook, shooting occurred in Newtown Ct. AIW donated over 500 crisis penguins to the “Therapeutic Community” in Newtown, our crisis Penguins won the hearts of counselors, parents and the children who were all in crisis from this heartbreaking tragedy. Please read the below  testimonials and view the clip from CBS’s; The Doctors to see how therapeutically healing our crisis penguin is for a child in crisis or who just needs to be comforted from one of life’s misfortunate events.

Check Out Newtown Ct. Testimonials About How Our Comfort Penguins, Helped Their Children In Crisis Heal…

CBS's The Doctors Newtown & Our Therapeutic Crisis Penguin 


Hi Linda,

I am sorry this has taken so long to write...its been pretty crazy around here for the past three months. My daughter Alexa is a Sandy Hook School 3rd grader...I want to thank you for sending the Corey's and tell you how much it has helped my daughter. She sleeps with Corey every night and does fill out her fears and sadness in the pouch. It is wonderful, because it has started so many important conversations. My daughter doesn't like to Say the words of her fears out loud because it made her sad. Now she comes to me and says Corey has a new fear/sadness mommy. And that's my que to check the pouch and read what she wrote. Then the conversation goes something like this. Would you like to talk about this? And if she says yes, I don't actually say what she wrote but reference back to it. Many times she just says no I feel better now that I put it in Corey's belly. I can't thank you enough for the help its been.

Many Corey's have been distributed to our kids and the feedback I get from everyone is how great a help Corey has been. I have posted your email address in the Sandy Hook School private Facebook page, so they can email you and tell you their stories as well. Cathy was the perfect person to send these to as many donations went to a warehouse. She did a great job getting them to people desperately in need of help. She asked me to have then posted on the family only website as well, which was being closely monitored by the administration and they were not allowing things like this on the site. The rules have changed as we the parents want to know of anything available that can help our children. Corey definitely fits in that category! Thank you again in all the time and effort you put in to get them to Newtown, CT.

Sincerely, Adele

Ms. West,

I am a mom of a 3rd grader at Sandy Hook School who received a Cory the Penguin. I just wanted to send you a huge, warm thank you for getting the penguins to us. My daughter snuggles with Cory every night and I believe he is helping her sleep better! She like so many of the children has been having difficulty when bedtime arrives, but having Cory eases that fear, and so I just wanted to thank you. My family and I appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Thank you again,


I'm so sorry, it has taken me this long to contact you to let you know what a amazing toy you have created! My son was having nightmares for months after the shooting. When he got Cory, we read him the poem on the adoption card and showed him Cory's secret pouch to write down his fears and feed them to his belly. To our surprise, we found your healing cards inside the pouch. Now my son goes out every night and find stars and saids good night to the friends he loss. Words can't even come close to thanking you for donating Cory to the Sandy Hook children who survived this senseless tragedy.


Hi Linda,

There is a possibility the Katie Couric show is interested in showing the penguins. I wanted to get your thoughts on it, and I'd like to give them your contact information. Please let me know what you think. I heard yesterday a child who has not slept soundly in 3 weeks slept with Corey in his arms.

Cathy LMFT

My Granddaughter who was at Sandy Hook school used Corey last night to help her tell her mother about all the things she's afraid of. It was cathartic for both of them. God bless you “Angels” for sending Cory to Newtown !

I wanted to let you know you nurses are truly angels on earth! My son got Cory your crisis penguin last week and has been sleeping through the night from the time he got him… tightly clinched in his arms! This is the first time he has slept since the Sandy Hood tragedy. Words cannot thank you enough for sending these amazing crisis penguins to Sandy Hook!

LOVE to you and yours. Please know that Shane sleeps with Cory the Penguin every night. Hugs to Sammy and Autumn.

I wanted to say thank you for the book and Penguin doll. My daughter Ashley dearly loves both of them. We read the story every night! She told me she can relate to the animals and some of the children in your precious book because they are different too. I work with Bob Renz, he is the one that gave me the book and doll and also told me about your story and organization. I think it is incredible what you have done for all these children. My daughter was at Loma Linda for 2 months and in just that short time (long for us) I couldn't believe how many children were just left there without any parent to come visit them or take them home and we were only in one room of the NICU. It broke my heart. There was one little boy who went in for several surgeries while my daughter was there and the nurses had to call the parents to let them know how their child was doing. For the time we were there, everyday, I never once saw the parents come in and the nurse had told me that the parents only called every once in awhile to check on their child. The day we were discharge there was a little girl that had been ready to leave for 4 days and they could not find her mother. I don't know how mothers or fathers could just leave their babies. Thank god for your organization. These children have a fighting chance for a normal and happy life.

Well I just wanted to say thank you again for the book and doll. I have included a picture of my daughter with her gifts.

God Bless

Oh, Jackie. Speaking for Lexie, her penguin has always been her favorite stuffed animal because his eyes MAKE her want to hug him.

I just want to let you know, Cory has helped my child tremendously! She now sleeps through the night and face her traumatic hospital stay with less fear, what an amazing toy you Angels have created.

Sammy Confort Penguin


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