How Many "Angels" Must We Send Back To Heaven?

Angels in Waiting, (AIW) is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, created by Nurses who are addressing the needs of America’s forsaken medically fragile foster care infants and children. We would like to introduce you to the crucial and life saving work achieved through our cost effective, innovative nursing program.

Mission Statement:

Angels In Waiting is dedicated to authoring State and Federal Laws to help foster care youths along with helping to enlist qualified Nurse-Foster Providers under AIW’s new State Bill AB 1133. The Nurse-Foster Providers provide loving homes, nursing care, and other needed services for Medically Fragile Foster Care Infants and Children under the EPSDT programs.

AIW helps bring community awareness to this program and AB 1133. AIW also helps facilitate the infant / child move from hospitals, institutions, group homes and from poorly supported foster homes, into private residences under the care of Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses as their foster parents.

Nurse-Foster Providers provide three essential ingredients for these infants and children to heal – A Loving Home Environment - Individualized Nursing Care - Early Intervention Therapies.

Description of Our Program –

Linda West- Conforti, RN., and the founder of Angels in Waiting is certified as a Foster Parent for Medically Fragile Infants and Children and is a Independent Nurse Provider with Medi-Cal’s, EPSDT- In Home Operations program.

AIW has created a new venue for Nurses, a unique way to impact the lives of needy children, beyond the hospital and clinical setting, ideal for the nurturing souls of nurses who wish to “clock in,” in the comforts of their own home.

AIW’s program recruits and trains dedicated experienced Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses to reach out to the Foster Care system and provide these children the essential medical services, educational services, and loving structured relationships, all in a safe nurturing home environment.

The nurses who open their homes to these infants and children will be trained in the early intervention components. Our goal and objectives’ is to teach the nurses to address the developmental delay issues and identified appropriate goals for each child in their care. We will be offering CEH’s, and will instructed nurses so they fully understand the proper course of treatments needed, to improve and strengthen the physical, emotional, cognitive and psychological outcomes of Medically Fragile foster care infants and children in their care. This educational module will be preformed through AIW’s web site portals that are located on our home page.

Often the developmental delays in these children are due more to their medical deficiencies and long-term hospitalization, or frequent foster home placement changes, rather than cognitive impairments.

With appropriate daily playtime educational therapies and on-going developmental assessments, available through AIW’s training modules, the children usually meet or surpass developmental milestones. When these precious souls are adopted out into permanent homes, they are well on their way to a happy and healthy childhood.

We are proud to announce more than 85% of our Independent Nurse Provider, adopt their medically fragile infants or children! As a result of this gallant gesture, AIW is constantly recruiting for more dedicated, experienced noble Nurses.


Premature births are on the rise. Many of our foster care infants and children are delivered early due to methamphetamines and other illicit maternal drug consumption. The new faces into foster care are America’s preemies. This new population of tiny ones begins their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units within hospitals across America. Our goal is to bring awareness, education and forever loving homes to these little angels.

Due to the profound increase of methamphetamine use in pregnant woman, the vast majority of county hospitals drug test mothers and infants for this type of drug abuse. If the mother and/or infant test positive for illicit drugs, the infant is placed into child protective custody and enters into the Foster Care System.

As the tiny ones battle for their life with undeveloped organs, many of them also experience brutal drug withdrawals. The constant intubations, poking with needles to draw blood and IV starts do not impart a warm and fuzzy beginning to life. They are often place in unnatural positions on the bed to ensure they don't pull out breathing tubes and are too often not medicated enough for effective pain management.

Many micro-preemies will have a four to six month course in a NICU, never knowing whether they're being picked up to be fed or poked for some other painful procedure.

They benefit greatly from nurturing home environments once their hospital stay is over, but need tremendous amounts of nursing care, love and early intervention therapy to overcome their conditioning and memories of the “toxic stress” that was necessary to save their tiny lives.

Angels in Waiting is dedicated to moving these special little angels into loving homes with Nurses as their foster parents and then onto adoptive homes in which they could recover, grow and thrive; their troubled pasts overshadowed by their hopeful futures.

Angels in Waiting understands and teaches the proper course of treatment needed via their web site portals, to enhancing the cognitive, behavioral and psychological outcome of medically fragile and drug exposed foster care preemies and infants. With the proper funding for educational programs, plus the implementation of available assistance programs along with the provision of ongoing support, the attainment of that goal can be greatly increased.

Please consider what your contribution can mean to a precious infant who is fighting for survival and now targeted to go into an institution, a group home or to an ill-educated poorly supported foster home.

How Many Angels Must We Send Back To Heaven? Nurses Please Step Up!

Please Donate to Angels In Waiting, and Help Save A Childhood!